Dinesh Saini (Biology)

Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed.

Experience : 11 years

Mr. Dinesh Saini, best known for his excellent way of teaching, has a vast experience of teaching Board Exam students, MEDICAL aspirants. His innovative approach towards his subject is really appreciated by the students.

Students appreciate his Biology teachings which gives them confidence and deep understanding required for the subject. He is the founder of this leading intitute.

Mahendra Sharma (Chemistry)

Qualification : M.Phil

Experience : 20 years

Mr. Mahendra Sharma teaches Physical & Inorganic Chemsitry with great proficiency. He is reversed by students for his in-depth knowledge of the subject and conceptual clarity. His profound insights and examples make the student grasp the subject practically.

Students appreciate his methodology of mixing Physics in Physical chemistry which grants student the essential confidence and deep under standing required to tackle all the problems in Board Exams and beyond as well.

Mukesh Sharma (Physics)

Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed.

Experience : 16 years

Mr. Mukesh Sharma is renowned for his unique approach and expert usage of instructional methods in teaching. With his peculiar presentation of theory, in notes & remarks, and his approach of problem-based learning make the students understand complex concepts in a very clear-cut manner.

His philosophy is "Education is not to overawe you, it's to open your minds"

Rajkumar Sharma (Physics)

Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed.

Experience : 9 years

Teaching for last 9 years, the energetic & friendly Rajkumar breaths comfortably only in company of his students. Mr. Rajkumar is known for his unique approach towards teaching by which he ensures that even the weakest of the students are able to understand the fundamental and crucial points of the subject perfectly. He uses all his imagination & expertise to see smiles on faces of his students at the end of every session.

Pramod Saini (Maths)

Qualification : M.Sc., MCA, B.Ed.

Experience : 7 years

Mr. Pramod Saini is renowned for his unique approach and expert usage of instructional methods in teaching. He beleves that the knowledge which is imparted must be made comprehensible and the classes are futile if the students are asleep or if they find no point in learning the subject. Thanks to his enormous patience, he is able to work with even the weakest of the students at one to one level and clear their concepts.

Pradeep Sharma (Maths)

Qualification : M.Sc., B.Ed.

Experience : 12 years

Mr. Pradeep Sharma, his analytical ability with sound Mathematical logic creates lasting impressions on the student’s mind, which helps in tackling difficult problems and facilitates the student to understand rationally of the subject. He is one of those friendly faces at the institute to whom the students turn at the time of any difficulty. His simplicity combined with devotion and commitment makes students feel at ease in his class.