Teaching Methodology

An Education System is a set of integrated functions producing a finite outcome. They are enhanced by technology. We at The Harsh Institute continuously bring the system, its functions and technology to an unbreakable meeting point. Given ahead are the salient features of our impeccable system of Education that make us stand apart from any other institute in kind:

Student Centric

The uniqueness of our system lies in expertise, efficiency, friendliness and personalization. The Core goal of The Harsh Institute is to groom the students not just into a successful professional but also a responsible, talented, useful and motivated social being.

Experienced Faculty

Right from the recruitment of a Faculty member till his/ her delivery of successful results, the utmost consideration is given to the success of students. We recruit top quality teachers. Each one of them is selected through a rigorous process of a written test, followed by demonstrative lecture with HOD and then final personal interview with the Managing Director.


We consistently focus on experiential learning and thoughtful consideration on how to develop future engineers with a sense of commitment to work quality and sense of drive in life that can effectively motivate and coordinate team based approach in challenging environment. Well lit and ventilated classrooms with comfortable seating arrangements make the place an ideal one for study. Our Faculty and Management work together as friends, philosophers and guides for students and hence become easily approachable by any student.


Exhaustive, relevant and original study material and Test papers, which are designed to the correct pattern and approved syllabus by institute's teachers is another USP of The Harsh Institute.


There are periodic tests conducted at regular intervals to continuously asses the level of preparedness of students. All the periodic Assessment Tests are Live in nature and conducted under standard examination environment. This helps in knowing how a students is progressing and what corrective action can be taken in cases where the performance is not satisfactory.

After each test our expert faculty member or member along with the Answer Key & Solutions of the Test Paper discuss and critically analyze the students’ performance and also provides them valuable feedback and necessary tips/ suggestions for further improvement.

Doubts and Their Discussions

Special tutorial classes are arranged to discuss doubts to students. This helps a lot in uplifting the knowledge levels of weak & shy students. Doubts are clarified by the respective expert professors. They are available in the specific timings at a specific location as per pre-announced schedule. A students has to merely approach a professor and ask the specific doubt. This one-to-one interaction goes a long way in the student gaining confidence on the subject and on the teacher to makes him move ahead. The objective of Doubt Discussion Classes is to provide additional attention and care to the students.